How to Decide – Spiked or Men’s Puma Golf Shoes

Men’s Puma Golf Shoes today give you a decision between spiked or spikeless golf shoes. Initially, the distinctions were genuinely huge. After some time, the hole has shut as each sort became comparable concerning footing and solace. While the decision is an individual inclination, it is excellent to take a gander at a portion of the distinctions when choosing for yourself.

Men's Puma Golf Shoes
Men’s Puma Golf Shoes

Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes


Spiked shoes offer the most footing, as the spikes are more significant than the “stubs” generally found on the base of spikeless shoes. This enables spiked shoes to perform all the more reliably in a more extensive scope of conditions. The UA Rotational Resistance spikes (above with the red) on the Spieth One golf shoe are especially significant. The spike’s structure helps shield your feet from slipping all through your swing.


Generally, spikeless shoes offer more solace, with their easygoing plan and the absence of huge spikes on the soles. Spikeless shoes likewise would, in general, be lighter, helping in their solace. Nonetheless, the advancement of golf shoe and spike configuration has enabled many spiked variants of shoes to accomplish a similar comfort. Lift innovation in the soles of the most recent Adidas shoes offers vast amounts of solace in both their spiked and spikeless shoes (above). More popular spiked shoes additionally drop some weight because of re-plans and new materials. Concerning comfort, I would state it is a draw.


Maybe the most significant bit of leeway to spikeless golf shoes is their flexibility. Because of the absence of spikes, you can put them on at the house, get to the course and stroll to the first tee or range and begin your round. After you complete, you don’t have to change before visiting the nineteenth opening or heading home. I even know numerous individuals who will wear their spikeless shoes to work or out for a night on the town. The bit of leeway on this one is unmistakably for spikeless shoes.

Life Span

An occasionally disregarded bit of leeway to spiked shoes is that when the spikes wear out, you can supplant them. Given the remainder of the shoe is appropriately thought about, this can prompt the spiked shoes enduring longer. Then again, when the sole of spikeless shoes wears out, the time has come to get another pair.


When picking between spiked or spikeless golf shoes, the best case includes having a couple of each and turning relying upon conditions and course you’re playing. An ever-increasing number of players are going toward this path. Alongside expanding the life span of both pair, this permits some flexibility for you. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to pick, accept these elements just as your inclination into the record.