How to Make Your Own Grinder with Cheap Rate & Quickly

While processors can be found at your nearby head shop and in numerous comfort stores for as modest as $5, not every person has the assets to buy their processor. The vast majority in their very families have a progression of successful cannabis pounding devices available to them without knowing it—recall scissors?

make your own grinder
make your own grinder

Not all strategies are as intuitive as utilizing scissors. Also, regardless of whether you have scissors, you may not realize the ideal scissor cutting strategy. That is the reason we’ve given this rundown. So no one, no one, needs to fall back on dissecting their cannabis with their fingertips like uninformed swine.

Cheddar Grater

Ever ground cheddar? Provided that this is true, you’re on top of things. Pounding cannabis utilizing a cheddar grater isn’t just compelling, yet the procedure has been co-selected by organizations that produce what is adequately smaller than expected, Mastercard formed cheddar graters, yet are advertised explicitly to cannabis clients.

Truth is stranger than fiction—run your nug of cannabis over the cheddar grater like you would a square of parmesan cheddar over a steaming plate of gnocchi.

Blender or Coffee Grinder

Ensure you altogether wipe out your blender or espresso make your own grinder before attempting to go through them to cleave your cannabis. Else, you may wind up smoking espresso beans or the remainders of whatever you made in your blender last. After your blender or espresso processor is washed, altogether dry it.The chance that you disregard this progression, you will wind up with a wreck of sticky, wet, cannabis chips built up onto within your espresso processor or blender.

Scissors (Proper Technique)

This is how numerous cannabis buyers start their adventure into the universe of cannabis hacking and smoking. You may hear individuals yelling things at you from over the table like “Yo, pass the cuts!” Don’t fuss—they’re attempting to speak with you. What they truly mean is, “Might you be able to pass the scissors?” If you hear someone allude to scissors as “cuts,” pass them the scissors delicately. Try not to push them savagely into your companion as you may feel constrained to do after hearing scissors alluded to as “cuts.”


1. Pick up a nug of cannabis bloom with your index finger and thumb and hold it before you.

2. With your other hand, stick the open edges of the scissors in the middle of your thumb and index finger with the goal that the top and base cutting edges of the scissors are situated to cut the nug in your fingertips into equal parts.

3. Snip the scissors through the cannabis, while applying slight weight with your thumb and pointer, so that after you slice through the nug, despite everything you’re holding the marijuana between your fingers.