Is that عرق السواحل Black Magic She Is Refusing Who Propose a Wedding

I am a twenty-three years recent lady. spiritual and polite, everybody respects and loves the American state, Alhamdulillah. I’m not married, and also the reason is that whenever anyone proposes to me I try and notice any mistakes in him; to refuse his proposal, then I regret. I actually have an addict whom I trust tons.

عرق السواحل
عرق السواحل

She loves me and likes to see each smart happening to me. a couple of days past she aforesaid to me: “the reason why you refuse most is a spell on you by someone WHO doesn’t need you to marry”, I would like to grasp the Muslim ruling on my matter. will it extremely be sihr? I me: will somebody place a spell on American state to create American state refuse wedding even though I used to be persuaded by the one who needs to marry me? If {this is often this will be} right then what’s the solution? She told me additionally that there are those that can break this spell. Please facilitate American state as I honestly don’t believe this

One of 2 situations should apply with relevance the admirer whom you’re rejecting

  • He truly will have unhealthy characteristics
  • That is associate degree illusion on your half and isn’t truly the case

If the previous is true, then you’ve got done well to reject him and not settle for him as a husband. No husband is fit  a girl except one WHO is religiously committed and {of smart of excellent of fine} character; he’s the one WHO will guide her to try and do good and facilitate her to adopt her Lord, and lift her kids within the best manner

But we tend to should draw attention to one thing that’s vital, that is that it’s not up to individuals to evaluate what’s within people’s hearts, and nobody is enjoined to try and do that. Even the traveler of Allaah As we tend to aren’t enjoined to try and do that, however, individuals seem external to be is comfortable for me. If somebody seems to be smart, we tend to trust him, and that we choose him as he seems to be, and his case is up to Allaah

So our recommendation to you, and to all or any our sisters who are searching for an acceptable husband, is that the lady mustn’t be thus strict within the conditions that ought to be met by the husband with relevance character and non-secular commitment, for 2 reasons

First: She might not herself have the extent of non-secular commitment and sweetness that may create men WHO are of excellent character and non-secular commitment request her out and propose to her. therein case, there’s no justification for her refusal, as a result of it’s going to be not possible or terribly tough for the one whom she imagines to return and request her as a better half. She ought to listen to the current matter as a result of it’s vital.

Second: individuals vary in their character and level of non-secular commitment. If there involves her one WHO is of excellent character and religiously committed, she ought to understand that there are some WHO are higher than him et al to whom he’s superior. thus she ought to settle for one WHO is sweet enough to be her husband and facilitate her to stay chaste and direct her to it that is sweet

If the latter is that the case, then it’s a lot of possibilities that it’s caused by harmful envy (hasad) or sorcery. this sort of sorcery is termed sihr al-ta’teel. you’ll decide if this can be the case if the one WHO planned a wedding is of excellent character and religiously committed and has no faults, and you settle for him and he accepts you, then again nothing happens, otherwise, you reject him for no apparent reason

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